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          ABOUT US

              Hunan Chunlong Luggage & Bag Co.,ltd is the Headquarter of Chunlong Group. It was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 12 million Yuan. The company mainly produces high and middle range bags and smart luggage products series of brands "CHUNLONG", "CHINLLO", also medical equipment series products. It has its own R&D team. It's a large-scale enterprise intergrating production, R&D and sales. 

          There are 5 branches in the Chunlong Group now: Hunan Province Chunlong Luggage Co., Ltd., Hunan Huilong Luggage Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Province Chunlong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Chinllo Industrial Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Chunlong Industrial Co., Ltd. There are more than 60 R&D, marketing and management personnel, and more than 500 skilled workers.

          Our principle is: Integrity-based, quality first , customer first, and create a win-win relation-ship. 
          Welcome all customers domestic and abroad connect us or visit our company, and we will serve for you sincerely!



          School bag

          Hunan Chunlong Luggage & Bag Co.,ltd as established as XingXingYu bag factory in 2006,  with over 14 years experience in R&D, manufacturing and seling bags.

          The company has an experienced R&D and design team that regularly develops various backpacks and new computer bags to meet the product needs of different customers

          Women Bag
          To be trendy, innovate, we always try to get the latest fashion design , product all kinds of characteristic handbags for women

          Face mask
          With advanced equipment, standardized dust-free workshop, and improved management system, we got the "Foreign Trade Operator Filing", "Medical Device Registration Certificate"Test report

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